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Many investors are thinking about buying shares in Dell Technologies. In August of 2016, Dell Computer Company merged with data storage company EMC to form Dell Technologies. Now, after its three-year hiatus from the New York Stock Exchange investors are once again able to buy shares in Dell.

How to Buy Shares in Dell

Wondering how to buy shares in Dell? Dell Technologies trades under the ticker DVMT on the NYSE. If you’re interested in buying shares of Dell Technologies and are trading from somewhere other than the US you’ll want to research brokerages. Traditionally when traders bought shares in US companies from overseas they were charged a currency conversion fee.

Today a reputable online broker will be capable of opening an account that trades in dollars. Choosing a broker can be intimidating for those new to investing and if you are starting with an internet search for brokers it is mind-numbing. Still, when you buy shares in Dell setting up your account doesn’t have to be a headache, just keep a few things in mind. One of the most important things that new investors should look for is a firm that assigns you to a reliable, patient representative.

Investing can be stressful enough; you need to have a live person to talk to when you have a question. Second, be sure that the firm you choose provides a good education platform. Even if you don’t have an interest in learning how to trade now, you may want to try it in the future. Better to have the opportunity with one company that you are familiar with. Finally, whether you’re buying shares in Dell Technologies or in another US company find a firm that allows you to open an account in dollars.

How Much to Buy Shares in Dell

One of the first things traders wonder when buying shares of Dell Technologies is how much to buy. Shares in Dell Technologies trade in the large-cap cap range, meaning Dell Technologies has a market cap of more than $5 billion dollars. Stocks in this range are typically very stable in price and therefore considered low risk. Many long-term investors will choose to keep a majority of their portfolio in this type of investment rather than holding on to riskier assets. How much Dell Technologies: DVMT you buy should be dictated by how much risk you want to see in your portfolio.

DVMT Share History

When researching DVMT share history it’s impossible not to fall just a little in love with Michael Dell. Born, it seems, with an intuitive understanding of human behavior, Dell has made a rippling impact on nearly everything he has touched. When you buy shares in Dell Technologies, you are buying a small share of Dell’s intuitive business sense. Although Dell Technologies was founded when Dell was just a college freshman it wasn’t his first venture into entrepreneurship.

At the age of eight, Michael Dell had saved enough money from part-time jobs to make his first asset investment, he liked stocks and precious metals. As a teen he got a summer job selling subscriptions to the Houston Post, within a month or two he had formulated his first successful business plan. He realized that the best reception he got came while cold-calling people that were, in one form or another, laying down roots in Houston. With this knowledge, he paid some buddies to help him search court records to narrow down his demographic. They targeted newlyweds and new homeowners starting with households that were in the highest income brackets. By year’s end, he had earned $18,000, which at the time, was more than the annual income of some of his teachers.

It probably wasn’t an enormous surprise to those who knew him or to investors buying shares in DVMT when Michael Dell became the youngest CEO in history to own a Fortune 500 Company. But long before DVMT share history began, Dell Technologies was founded as “PC’s Limited” by then pre-med student Michael Dell. Seeing the opportunity to use his lifelong interest in computers, Dell became the first successful CEO to direct-market PCs. He ran his cost-cutting enterprise from his room in the Dobie Center, a private dorm in Houston. With $1,000 dollars in venture capital, Dell sold over $50,000 in product during his first year. From here Dell history was underway.

DVMT Share News

In 2016 DVMT share news was a hot topic as was the newly formed Dell Technologies. History has shown that when Dell founder and CEO, Michael Dell puts his mark on something investors take notice. In 2013 Michael Dell made an unusual business decision, he chose to buy out Dell’s stockholders and continues on with his company as a privately held entity. Dell, along with Silver Lake Partners would be the sole owners of the tech giant.

Just three years later Michael Dell was an integral player in executing what Fortune.com called “The biggest technology integration in history”. In many ways, DVMT news has renewed the investing world’s interest in Dell Technologies and it has definitely kick-started a rash of new traders that want to buy shares in Dell.

Before the merger in 2016 EMC was the industry’s largest provider of data storage. Today, along with companies like Cisco and Microsoft, Dell Technologies is looking to capture its market share of the Cloud Storage and Security Market. When you buy shares in Dell you are gaining a small piece of this market as well.

How Much is DVMT Worth?

Invest Dell Stock

When Dell merged with EMC it acquired partial ownership of VMware, one of the largest software and cloud service providers in the world. So how much is DVMT worth today? Most analysts put Dell Technology’s market cap at over $20 billion dollars. When buying shares in Dell many investors see Dell Technologies as newly invigorated, veteran player in the Information Technology Market. Cisco, with a market cap of $152 billion, is in many of the same markets, as is Microsoft with a market cap around $190 billion. When investors consider buying shares in Dell they often take the time to compare other leading Information Technology stocks as well.

Current Dell Technologies Stock Price: Dell Technologies Stock Price Per Share

By combining Dell with EMC, CEOs Michael Dell and Joe Tucci created a formidable player on Wall Street with DVMT. The current Dell Technologies stock price is usually dictated by the movements of the Software Systems indices within the Information Technology Sector. Information Technology is one of the fastest growing sectors in the global marketplace. If you would like to buy shares in Dell you will find the current Dell Technologies Inc. price per share below:

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What Does Dell Own?

To get an overview of Dell Technologies it’s a good idea to do a little research into what the company owns. Dell Technology owns a vast portfolio of smaller companies in a number of different technology industries. In 2009 Dell bought Israeli software company Exanet, an early step into the cloud computing market. Next was its 2012 purchase of backup and recovery software company, AppAssure. AppAssure recently became Quest, and Dell Technologies has allowed a decent ad campaign to keep them competitive. Dell doesn’t collect companies with the same vigor as its competitors. Dell owns and tends to accumulate companies that they have worked with in the past or companies that fill a specific hole in their business plan.

For instance, Dell worked with Exanet for years and had recently given them a loan before they purchased the company. Dell owns product lines in the Hardware and Software Industries, giving them access to the two major support areas for business. Large businesses often find that it is more efficient to build their own server farm and hire a trained workforce to oversee it. Dell owns several well-reviewed product lines to support this choice for IT. A growing number of businesses, particularly mid-sized businesses, have chosen to outsource much of their IT expense by investing in a data storage service.

This service, known as Cloud or Cloud Service, is responsible for many investors renewed interest in buying shares of Dell Technologies.

Dell Stock Price History

When you study Dell’s stock price history you’ll notice that they have initiated seven splits in total since the first in 1992. Dell’s stock price history, along with much of the Information Technology Sector saw its first boom in the 1990’s when most of most the Information Technology industries were in their infancy.

In the year 2000, the Information Technology Sector saw many of its overpriced or less profitable companies began to lose investors’ interest. This time period, known as the Dot-Com Bubble, saw the prices of many popular internet sites lose half or more of their stock price over the next year. Dell stock price history was not immune to this panic. The bubble caused a ripple effect in the sentiment toward Information Technology in general and many of its largest companies experienced weakness for years to follow. Dell left the public trading arena in 2013 under mixed investor sentiment.

Some shareholder’s petitioned that the $24.9 billion dollar buyout price was too low. In 2016 a Delaware judge ruled that the price was 22% below the company’s value and it’s possible that Dell Technology will have to pay out millions in penalties. The lawsuit emerged from a recently popular type of case called appraisal.

In the simplest terms appraisal allows investors to sue when a company accepts a sale price that is lower than they believe the company to be worth. The lawsuit represented about 5.5 million out of about 140 million shares. Still, when Dell merged with EMC and created their new ticker DVMT some investors had been waiting for the opportunity to buy shares in Dell for several years.

Best Stock Price for Dell

The best stock price for Dell is often found by traders when the Select Sector SPDR Index shows weakness in its Information Technology Sector. Traditionally many investors wait for sector and industry weakness before buying shares in Dell to ensure they are getting the best price per share. When you are ready to buy shares in DVMT, you may want to look for a price slightly under its 20-50 day moving average.