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Privacy Policy

The information contained herein describes the privacy policies of Buy Shares In. These policies affect all users of Buy Shares In and relate to the relationship between the site’s cookies, affiliates and third-party programs, and the site’s readers.

Where applicable, the terms “We” and “Our” are used to denote Buy Shares In and its owners and employees; the terms “You” and “Your” are used to denote the readers of this website.

Your Information

Buy Shares In is a content site. We do not sell a product, nor do we offer a service. As a result, there are very few occasions in which we will request any of your personal information or financial information. However, such occasions may occur if the user initiates them, as described below.

What Information We Take

There are several instances in which we may request simple personal information, such as your name and your email address. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Content Forms (for sending us comments, questions, suggestions)
  • Competition Submissions (used to win money and items)
  • “Write for Us” Requests (for anyone looking to apply to write for us)
  • Newsletter Submissions (for readers seeking more information via direct emails)

In all cases, the information we take is minimal and not sensitive. We take this information so that we can fulfill your request. In the case of contact forms, we request your name and email so that we can send a response and address that response to you. If you signup for a newsletter or a competition, we use this information to contact you in the event we want to send a new newsletter or to tell you the results of a competition. For “Write for Us” requests, we use this information to open-up a dialogue, which will, in turn, determine whether you are a good fit for Buy Shares In.

What We Do With Your Information

We take your privacy very serious and will endeavor to keep your information safe, secure and out of reach at all times. We will never under any circumstances, sell, lease or giveaway this information to a third-party. Only the owners of Buy Shares In will be able to see and use this information, and you are entitled to request that it is deleted at anytime.

In fact, if we deem that the information is no longer relevant, such as in the case of a contact form request that has been addressed, or a newsletter subscription that has been cancelled, then we may choose to delete the information from our servers.

Your information will never be used for unauthorized marketing, either by Buy Shares In or by a third-party. If you have received such information then it is because you have requested it. In such cases you are free to cancel your subscription and to stop these emails from appearing.

How We Keep Your Information Safe

In the first instance, your information will be secured on our servers, which are provided by our web host. These servers are encrypted by the latest security technology. They are maintained by a third-party host, but Buy Shares In own the server and are the only ones who have access to it.

If you have applied to receive period newsletters from us, then this information may also be stored on a third-party newsletter program. However, as with the web host servers, this program will only be accessible by Buy Shares In and will never be traded, leased, sold or given away at any point in time.


As a content site, Buy Shares In does advocate the use of cookies and you will find them on this site. We deem cookies to be sad and secure, and we also think that they help with the overall user experience.

Cookies are essentially just small files that are automatically downloaded onto your computer when you visit a site. This file monitors you activity, recording which pages you have visited, which links you have clicked, and other essential information. They are safe and do not create a risk of any kind.


Buy Shares In does not sell a product or offer a service, As a result, we must affiliate with other sites that do in order to pay the bills. We provide genuine, helpful and honest advice on all of the sites we list, whether we are affiliated or not. We also endeavor to link only to sites that are trustworthy and can offer something to you.

However, because we are not connected to these sites in any way, we can not take responsibility for anything that happens to a user once they leave Buy Shares In for one of our affiliates. All readers are advised to read the terms and the privacy policies on this sites, as the policies describe herein relate to Buy Shares In only and not to any of our affiliates.

Buy Shares In also uses Google Ads to generate income. This service displays user-targeted ads across the Buy Shares In website. These ads are created by Google and they display content from Google’s advertisers. Buy Shares In operates independently of these advertisers, has no connection to them and therefore can not be held responsible for them.


By using the Buy Shares In site you are giving you consent for the policies described on this page. You are also giving you consent for any changes that we make if you continue to use this site after they have taken place. If you do not agree with one or more of these policies, then you are invited to close the Buy Shares In website down.

In such cases, we would appreciate you getting in touch to let us know what issue you had.

Getting in Touch

Should you have an issue with any of the terms listed on this page, then you may contact us using the Contact page. These terms were created to benefit the majority, so if you have an issue with one or more of them, we would love to hear from you. If it turns out that these terms don’t benefit the majority like we first thought, then we will look at changing them.