Welcome to Buy Shares In! The only trading site you will ever need. Buy Shares In is unlike any other site in your bookmarks. We’re not here to offer thinly-veiled advertorials masquerading as opinions or reviews. We’re not here to overcomplicate what is already a pretty complicated industry. We are here to provide honest, helpful, accurate information; we’re here to answer the questions you’re too embarrassed to ask an expert.

On Buy Shares In we’re all about making a profit and helping you to do the same.

What Is Buy Shares In?

At Buy Shares In we provide information on the stock market that is accessible to the average person. You don’t need to be an expert, you don’t even need to know what a stock market is. This site was created by a team of writers who wanted to get involved with stock trading but were sick of biased opinions and sites loaded with popups. When we wanted to learn about stock trading the only information we could find was in the form of overcomplicated data that just wasn’t accessible to novice traders.

So, Buy Shares In was created to step into a niche that has been ignored for too long. These days everyone understands how profitable and beneficial stock trading can be. We’ve all heard the stories of super-rich investors, we’ve all heard the expert advice claiming that “everyone should have a share portfolio”. But not all of us know where to begin.

On Buy Shares In we’ll show you. We’ll answer the questions that other sites aren’t addressing. It’s not all about first-timers and novice traders either. We’ve also learned a lot about this sector over the years and that has allowed us to offer our own insight and our own expertise. This is backed by the expert traders who drop-in to supply Buy Shares In with opinion articles, tipping articles and other advice.

Who Are Buy Shares In?

Buy Shares In is owned by a group of freelance writers, all of whom have sat on the fringes of the share trading industry for a few years. We’ve written about it, we’ve invested. But we’ve never really gone deep enough to gain an expert understanding. Despite this, we quickly realized that we had something that experts didn’t: we knew how to relate to first-time investors because we knew exactly what they were thinking!

This allowed us to provide a unique insight. We have been contracted by many of the world’s top fiancnial sites and publications to provide this input. With Buy Shares In we essentially brought that guidance, that unique perspective and that understanding together. This site is a culmination of years of hard-work and experience; it is a site staffed by experienced writers who are passionate about trading and want to learn with you.

Of course, not all of the articles on Buy Shares In are written for first-time and novice investors. Some of them provide more of an expert perspective, which is why we also contract many of the industry’s biggest names, who provide us with their opinions and advice.

…we knew how to relate to first-time investors because we knew exactly what they were thinking! – Buy Shares In

How We Earn

We have invested a lot of time into Buy Shares In and this has cost us a lot of work. The more time we spend working on Buy Shares In, the less time we have had to work for paying clients. This site wasn’t cheap either. To help ensure it had the aesthetic, the reach and accessibility we wanted, we had to invest a lot of money. We hired the best developers, we contracted expert traders and we paid for premium features to make all of this possible.

To try and recoup some of that money and to ensure we can keep working on Buy Shares In, we have monetized the site. We stand by our commitment to not fill the site with annoying ads or intrusive pop-ups, and we don’t affiliate with most of the sites that we review either. However, we have had to include a few Google ads and Amazon ads here and there.

These ads are not affiliate with Buy Shares In in anyway, but we were very careful when using them, ensuring that we only affiliated with the biggest companies and the most trustworthy names. If you want to get in touch with us to discuss endorsements, advertising or any other kind of sponsorship, then please get in touch via our Contact page. But remember that we want to make Buy Shares In as user-friendly as possible and won’t do anything to jeopardize that.

How You Can Join Us

If you’re interested in becoming a part of Buy Shares In then feel free to get in touch. We’re always on the lookout for new writers. If you can produce relevant, accurate and informative content, then we’d love to have you onboard.

Buy Shares In is growing all of the time. If you want to be a part of that growth checkout our Write For Us page. Here you will find a list of requirements, detailing what we look for and how you can get in touch. We’d love to hear from you if you’re a writer, a trader, or even an editor/researcher.

You can find everything you need to know on the aforementioned Write for Us page. But if you have another question about another aspect of our site, then take a look at our FAQ instead.

How To Use Buy Shares In

This site was created to make buying stock easier. It aims to answer the questions you have about stock trading, whether you’re looking to buy shares in Apple or even to buy shares in 3D printing. We have taken an unorthodox approach by taking these novice questions and then answering them directly.

To navigate the site, simply look at our Investment Guides, which cover full-details on how you can buy shares in certain companies, or how you can invest in apps, patents or trends (as is the case with 3D printing); our Reviews, which cover leading share trading companies and other relevant software; and our Stock Market Info page, which covers leading stock markets around the world and answers all of the questions you were too embarrassed to ask the experts.

All of the aforementioned pages are updated regularly to make sure they are relevant. However, they are still static pages, so they don’t get regular feeds from the financial sector. For that, you need to take a look at our Share News section. Here you’ll find tips, advice, news and more relating to the biggest publicly traded stocks in the world.