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Terms and Conditions

Buy Shares In does not offer a product for sale, nor does it offer a service of any kind. It operates purely as a content website, proven tips, advice, tutorials and more for the financial sector. However, Buy Shares In does request personal information from time to time; it affiliates with sites that offer a product/service; and it also publishes copyrighted material.

As a result, Buy Shares In asks that its readers take the following terms and conditions into account while using this website. These terms relate to the owners of the site and to its readers. Where applicable, the terms “Our” and “We” are used to describe Buy Shares In and its employees; while the terms “Your” and “You” are used to describe the readers of this site.

General Terms

Our goal is to provide honest, informative content to traders of all backgrounds and experience. We do our best to make sure this content is accurate at the time of posting and for as long a it remains on the Buy Shares In website. However, due to the ever-changing nature of the financial sector, and the fact that we’re constantly creating, adding and tweaking content, there will be instances of inaccurate and obsolete information.

In such cases we can not be held responsible for anything that occurs as result of a trader reading this information.

Buy Shares In was created with global investors in mind and the content on this site covers counties around the world, with an emphasis on the United States and the United Kingdom. However, because or writers don’t always hail from the countries they are writing about, readers should understand that inaccuracies may occur with regards to certain stock tips, stock markets and other country-specific content.

Privacy Policies

It is very rare that Buy Shares In will request any of your personal information. However, such instances do exist. In these cases we will endeavor to keep your information safe and secure at all times. We will never sell, lease or give this information away to a third party, and only those at the highest level of Buy Shares In will be able to access it.

If you want to know more about how your privacy is affected when you use the Buy Shares In website, then please visit the following Privacy Policy page. Here you will discover where we stand in regards to your information; cookies; and more.

Copyrights and Trademarks

All of the written content on the Buy Shares In website is copyrighted. This content was created exclusively for us and we take this very seriously. We don’t take kindly to plagiarism and may take legal action against anyone found to be using our content without permission.

If you wish to use our articles in partial or full form, then please contact us using the Contact Page and put in a request. If you request and receive our permission, then you will be entitled to use parts of our content. Without this permission we will take legal action. This applies to written content that you find on the Buy Shares In website, but it also applies to the following:

  • Images: Many of the images used on Buy Shares In have been taken from royalty-free stock image sites. In such cases, these images are available in the public domain and can be used by everyone. However, there are also images that are exclusive to our website, images that have been licensed and copyrighted by Buy Shares In and can not be used anywhere else. If you want to use these images on your own website then we will (most likely) allow it providing you link it back to the original article in which it appear. However, we still ask that you email us first and request our permission.
  • Videos: Unless otherwise specified, all of the videos found on Buy Shares In have been created exclusively for Buy Shares In. In many cases we embed relevant videos, connecting straight to the creator’s account. However, videos embedded without links have been created exclusively for Buy Shares In and can not be used anywhere else.
  • Logos: The logos you find on Buy Shares In have been created exclusively for us. These logos carry the Buy Shares In name and can not be used (in full or in edited form) without our permission.
  • Layouts: The layouts have been taken from premium WordPress themes, for which we purchased a license. These layouts can, therefore, not be taken and used without a similar license.


Buy Shares In is a free service providing content and content only. However, we also link to other websites that provide a paid service or product. In such cases, Buy Shares In has no connection with these websites beyond that link and can therefore not be held responsible for anything that happens to a user once they visit them.

Write For Us and Other Opportunities

Buy Shares In accepts submissions from writers, who may or may not be paid for their work. In these cases, all writers will be given a set of terms prior to agreeing to write for us. They will be told what content they need to provide, what the ramifications will be if they break the rules and how much they will be paid.

To see these terms, you can place a request with us. However, bear in mind that we only send these terms to writers who we actually want to hire and therefore may refuse your request.

Consent and Changes

By using the Buy Shares In website you are giving your consent for everything described on this page. What’s more, if we decide to make changes to these terms and you continue to use this website, then your consent for those changes is also implied.

Should you not agree with one or more of the terms listed herein, then it is recommended that you close this website down.


Buy Shares In was created for novice traders who are above legal age and are financially mature and responsible. The “tips” we provide are opinions only. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and these are ours. They should not be considered infallible and anyone who takes these opinions and uses them as a basis for an investment is running the risk of financial loss.

Your capital is always at risk when you invest and Buy Shares In can not be held responsible for any failed investments that you make. If you have a problem with gambling, with taking unnecessary risks and spending more that you can afford to, then you should take professional advice before you look to invest any of your money.

As explained many times throughout Buy Shares In we are not experts and can not be considered as such. We are therefore not a good replacement for an experienced, knowledgable broker when it comes to making an investment.