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Do you have a question or a comment? Then we’d love to hear from you. To get in touch with Buy Shares In, please use the contact form below. Before you do, please be sure to checkout the pages below as these might answer some of your questions:

  • FAQ: We have a dedicated page setup to answer the questions that we are frequently asked. Please pay a visit to this page before you get in touch. In it you will find information on everything from our terms to details about our writers and more.
  • Write for Us: If you want to write for us, then we have a dedicated page setup to help you with that. Any samples or queries about this subject sent via the contact form below will be ignored, so please make sure you send your query to the form included on the dedicated Write for Us page.
  • About Us: If you have questions about the way we operate, about who we are or about our purpose, then please pay a visit to this section of the website. Here we describe just what we are, what we do and what our goals are in creating the Buy Shares In website.
  • Terms and Privacy: If you want to know whether or not we use cookies, whether we are affiliated with any other providers and where we stand on copyrights, then please checkout our Terms and Conditions page or our Privacy Policy page.

If none of the above pages help you out, then please get in touch via the contact form below. We put a lot of hours into running this site and don’t have a lot of time to spare, but we will endeavor to help you out where we can.

However, because we don’t offer a product or a service, because we don’t hire a team of customer support staff whose job it is to answer your questions, and because we spend so much of our time writing guides, we have to ask that you avoid asking us about personal opinions, investment advice, etc., Any such requests will (unfortuantely) be ignored. We are happy to give our advice on the Buy Shares In website where everyone can read it, but we are unable to provide this on a one-to-one basis.

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