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Buy Shares In was created by a team of freelance writers and enthusiastic investors. As self-employed individuals we understand the importance of investing. When the going is good, we all put money to one side to prepare for when it is not. That’s how we survive, and it’s how we can continue doing what we love and what we’re paid to do. We want to invest for the future of our families, as well as for our own financial security and piece of mind.

As a result, we all became involved in the stock markets and other investment opportunities. But because we’re writers and not investors, because we spend our days writing website content, articles and stories, we simply didn’t have time to study the lingo, to learn the ins and outs. As a result, we became frustrated with the terminology used on “How-To’s”. We were baffled by certain words and phrases. We were heavily reliant on tips from so-called “experts”, simply because we weren’t really sure what we were doing ourselves.

That was a frustrating time for us, and one that took years to escape from. But when we figured it all out and began investing for ourselves, we realized that we were in a unique position. We had taken that journey; we had experienced how confusing this world can be. And as writers, we were perfectly positioned to make a change.

And so Buy Shares In was created. The goal of this site is to give you all of the latest stock market news, share tips, share prices and more, in a manner that everyone can understand. We want to present this information in a simple, clear, concise and fun way, ensuring that you not only have an incentive to read it, but that you can understand what you’re reading in the first place.

What You Can Find on Buy Shares In

This site is for everyone who has ever wondered how to Buy Shares In their favorite company; it’s for everyone who doesn’t quite understand how things work and wants to know why they can’t Buy Shares In their favorite sports team or another privately owned company. This is so obvious to an expert that they don’t think of explaining it, but every week hundreds of thousands of people around the world enquire about these things, asking Google questions that few “experts” have answered, because few experts realize those questions are being asked in the first place.

At Buy Shares In, we understand your pain, we welcome your curiosity and we’re willing to do what we can to help out. This site was launched in 2017 after 6 months of hard work. In those 6 months we made sure we were prepared with dozens of strong, relevant articles that answered the questions first-time investors were asking. After release our writers have been continuing to produce those articles at a steady rate, adding tens of thousands of words across dozens of guides every single month.

In Buy Shares in you will find the following types of articles:

“Buy Shares In” Guides

Ever wondered how to “Buy Shares in Apple” or “Buy Shares in EasyJet“? Then these are the guides for you. These guides form the backbone of this website and were the reason it was launched in the first place. We noticed a trend for first-time investors seeking answers to these simple questions, so we latched on, we gave them those answers. As well as all major companies, these articles also cover many smaller apps, brands and businesses.

Investment Guides

As well as guides that cover specific companies, we also have guides that show you how you can invest in ideas, patents and more. For instance, one of our most popular pages is “Buy Shares in 3D Printing“. It’s not actually possible to buy into an idea via the stock market. But there are ways you can do it and this guide will show you.

Industry Guides

Struggling to understand how the world of share trading and stock markets work? Then these are the guides for you. These simplified guides aim to cover all of the basics, from information on stock markets around the world, to guides on investing in tech stock and much more.

Share Trading Reviews

Want to know which software you should be using and which brokers you should be trusting? We can help you out. Our reviews provide an honest, in-depth look at the best and the worst out there. We’re not an affiliate site. We weren’t setup purely to point our readers toward one or more links. So, this allows us to offer unbiased opinions, which in turn ensures that you get nothing but helpful and honest advice.

The Buy Shares In Team

Buy Shares In is owned and run by a small team of hard-working, dedicated freelance writers and traders. We spend our days trading and writing and we enjoy every minute of all of it. The owners of Buy Shares In actively devote their time to the website, providing content, helping with the design and coordinating the other team members.

With so much content to get through and so much to do, we can’t go it alone. So, Buy Shares In also hires other writers, coders, developers and designers. These all combine their efforts to make sure this site continues to churn out new, informative and interesting content on a daily basis. We want it to grow, we want it to be bigger and better, and we’re committed to making that happen.

If you want to become part of the Buy Shares In team; if you want to help us with that goal, see the information provided below.

Write for Us

Want to write for us? We’d be happy to consider you. We are very selective about the content that we post. Everything is checked for originality and then researched and edited in advance. If you think you can meet our high standards then please do get in touch.

You can find more information on how to do this on our Write for Us page. The only thing that we ask is that you pay close attention to the specifications. We know that many writers make a living by applying for these jobs and that they can’t afford to devote much time to them. We get that, we really do. But from our point of view, we don’t want to waste time reading material that is not relevant, is loaded with links, is not original or otherwise fails to meet our standards.

As a result, we have to immediately reject material from writers that have clearly ignored our specifications. So, please take the time to read these carefully.