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Buy Dallas Cowboys Stock (Invest in Shares; Value of Club)

Dallas Cowboys Stock

Are you passionate about the Cowboys? Do you want to buy your own piece of the franchise by investing in Dallas Cowboys stock? In this guide we’ll look at the value of this team, we’ll ask how it makes its money and where it stands when compared to other NFL franchises and we’ll also tell you whether you can or cannot buy Dallas Cowboys stock.

Can you Buy Dallas Cowboys Stocks?

You can not buy Dallas Cowboys stocks because they are not publicly listed. This means that the entirety of the franchise is in the hands of a private owner, as opposed to a succession of shareholders.

We have discussed this before here on Buy Shares In but it is a little different in this case. Private companies often list on the stock market eventually. At the time of writing, Dropbox is in talks to do just that and in 2017 Snapchat also listed after being private throughout its rise to the top.

With NFL franchises they are often owned by mega-rich owners who see them more as a personal project than anything else. Also, because of the rivalry in the league and the way that the franchises are sold, as well as the fact that it can be difficult for sports teams to consistently earn a profit, it’s rare for NFL teams to have IPOs.

Dallas Cowboys Stock Price

Dallas Cowboys Stock Price

There is no Dallas Cowboys stock price because the stocks are all owned by Jerry Jones, an American businessman who takes control of the club and its operations. It’s very much a family affair as well, because while Jerry Jones acts as the owner and general manager, his brother, Stephen Jones, is the CEO.

Known as “America’s Team”, the Dallas Cowboys play out of the AT&T Stadium and their rivalries include the Eagles, the Giants, the Redskins, the Steelers and the 49ers.

The worth of the Dallas Cowboys has fluctuated somewhat over time. It was purchased by current owner Jerry Jones for $140 million in 1989, after which he set about transforming the team. There were major doubts about some of the changes he made, but the team he created went on to become the most successful NFL franchises of the 1990s and has since gone down in history as one of the best teams in the history of the league.

It had been said that the Dallas Cowboys were losing the previous owner $1 million a month at the time of the sale, which makes it even more extraordinary to know just how big the team would become.

Other NFL Teams on the Stock Market

You can’t buy Dallas Cowboys stock, but you may be able to invest in the Green Bay Packers. This is one of the most unique franchises in the league because Green Bay is very small when compared to cities like Dallas, states like Atlanta and to entire regions like New England. Despite its size though, it has one of the most dedicated followings in North American sport. Season tickets are like gold dust in that town and everyone in Wisconsin wants a piece of the club.

So, take a look at our Green Bay Packers Stock page to find out how you can get your own piece. If you’re looking to invest in other sports, check our Sports Teams page as well as our guide to Manchester United Stock.

Dallas Cowboys Value

Dallas Cowboys Value

If you go back to around 2010, the Dallas Cowboys were said to be the only NFL team with a worth that had passed the $2 billion mark. These days, most teams are worth more than $2 billion and for the likes of the New England Patriots and the Dallas Cowboys, their value far exceeds this amount.

The Cowboys are said to be with just under $5 billion at the time of writing. This makes them the most valuable franchise in the National Football League, as well as one of the richest sports teams in the world. This is quite an astonishing feat when you consider that they haven’t won a Super Bowl since the late 1990s.

All sports teams are businesses. They make money through broadcasting, merchandise and more and their popularity is key, as opposed to the success. However, it’s very rare for a team to be the richest in their league and the sport without having the biggest successes behind them and it’s very rare for them to do this without any recent success.

In soccer, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich are three of the richest teams and while the former hasn’t had everything their own way in recent years, they are still a decorated team and they still have many titles under their belts in the last decade. So, just why are the Cowboys at the very top of the charts in terms of value when they are not anywhere near in terms of success?

Why Are the Dallas Cowboys so Rich?

Firstly, it’s important to note that while the Cowboys have not had a great deal of success recently, they are a decorated team when you go back further. As of the 2017/2018 season, they have the joint second-most Super Bowl appearances and the joint second most wins, behind the Patriots and the Steelers respectively.

More importantly, they are know as “America’s Team” because they are supported the length and breadth of the country and have more support than any other NFL franchise. This is where their true value comes from. The more supporters you have, the more the TV networks want to showcase your games and pay you for the pleasure, the more merchandise you sell and the more of a guarantee you have that you will sellout the stadium every week.

It’s that popularity that ensures so many are looking to buy Dallas Cowboys stock and if they ever were to make them available, even as a novelty (not unlike the Green Bay Packers) then they would surely prosper. After all, one of the best gifts a fan can have is to own Dallas Cowboys stock.

There are other benefits as well, all of which serve to make them the richest team. Another factor in their financial success is the fact that they distribute their own merchandise. This is a rarity in the NFL and means they can take a bigger cut of the proceeds. When you consider those proceeds amount to a greater number than any other team, it means the cut they receive far outweighs what other NFL teams can expect.