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Supermarket Stocks and Shares (Malls, Grocery Stores, Food Shops)

Supermarket Shares

On this page we’ll look at the best supermarket stocks. Whether you know them as department stores, mega stores, grocery stores or just food shops, these stocks and shares will show you where the best ones can be found; where your attention should be focused; and much more. We have an international reader-base here on Buy Shares In, so we’ll try to focus on the best stocks for food retail companies all over the world.

Supermarket Stocks

Supermarkets, grocery stores, shopping malls—whatever you call them, they are the basis for most of the food shopping that the average families do on monthly basis. These are the retail giants, the companies that have grown on the back of our need to see everything under one roof and to have all of those things available cheaply.

We complain about them. We argue that they are destroying independent stores and that they are making everything cheaper, less luxurious and less worth having. But no matter how you look at it, they are necessary. Without these stores, many low-income families just wouldn’t be able to buy the food they need to feed themselves from day to day. Without these stores, the average working man and woman wouldn’t be able to save time every week by visiting a single store for all of their retail needs, instead of driving to several different stores and paying a premium price at each of them.

The reason that supermarket stocks and shares are so popular is because the public has such a strong need for them. And that need will not fade away anytime soon.

The Best Supermarket Shares Worldwide

So, now that we have established why this industry is so profitable and why it is so necessary, just where can you find the best stocks in it? Where are the supermarket stocks, the grocery stocks and all the other food shop stocks that you should be looking to sink your money in?

Well, in truth it all depends on where you are and on how things progress. For instance, at one point it would have been avery viable option to invest in Wholefoods, right up until the point they were bought out by Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN). Of course, Wholefoods is only available in the US and is just unheard of outside of it.

If you’re in Europe, then you may have your eye on Lidl or Aldi, two of the fastest rising supermarkets in the world right now. These supermarket stocks are definitely worth having. Even investors in the US, where these brands are not as strong, are realizing that. But as you can see if you visit the hyperlinked guides we have written about these companies, it’s not quite that cut and dry.

There are also supermarket shares in the United Kingdom. These are a little more straight forward and we have covered many of them here on Buy Shares In. You can use the menus above to see these for yourself and to learn whether now is a good time to invest in the likes of Tesco and Sainsbury, amongst others.

The Best Grocery Stock in the US

Grocery Stocks

If you are in the United States then you might not want to invest your money in Tesco. Aldi is a good option, but again, not a viable one as you will see from visiting our page. The same goes for Trader Joe’s which actually has connections to Aldi. This is a very promising grocery stock and would be ideal for investors if indeed they could invest. But they can not, so attentions need to be diverted elsewhere.

There is an elephant in the room where food shops and retail stocks are concerned and that’s Walmart. If you want to buy stock in any store then this will no doubt be at the top of your list. It is a store that is recognized all over the world. You can only visit Walmart in the United States, but they have invested in other countries. For instance, in the UK they operate the ASDA chain of supermarkets, which is in the top 3 for the biggest supermarkets in the country.

It doesn’t quite fit neatly into the mold of “supermarket” stock and it is more of an all-in-one megastore. But as megastores go, it’s the one you will want to focus on above all others.

The Future of Supermarkets

Independent stores are always fighting the tide and there have been some big movements that have helped to take a lot of sales away from the big mega stores. In the early days, it was all about the Mom and Pop stores. It was the local communities and store owners that fought the opening of mega stores like Walmart and helped to put a small stopper in their profits.

Ultimately though, this was not enough. Not even close. The co-op stores did more damage though and the online marketplace also threatened to take their business away, with auction sites like eBay showing that there was a new platform through which those Mom & Pop retailers could fight the big boys.

However, these co-op stores, independent stores and online stores have all been monopolized by the big names. Everything is now being bought up by the likes of Walmart and Amazon in the United States. And this is something that can also be seen in many other countries, with Tesco, the largest UK supermarket, buying up many big independent stores, chain and online shopping destinations across the pond.

So, while the threat of a revolution is always going to be there, worrying the investors in this big supermarket stocks and shares, they will never do enough to topple the success that these giants have experienced. We are in the era of the big retail companies controlling everything we spend and the hold they have on the market is likely to get stronger and stronger.

If you run an independent store, that’s probably not what you want to hear. But if you are an investor in these companies, then it’s great news.