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Tech Stock (Invest in Technology, Buy Tech Stock)

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Investing in technology is a great way to get started on the stock market. Buying shares in technology companies like Facebook gives you an “in” on a company you probably know everything about. It means that you may already have an idea of how the platform is doing and of what its future looks like. Research is the most important thing you need to do when you’re looking to buy shares in technology companies (referred to as “tech stock” on this page and throughout the site). And if you already have a head-start, it can feel like most of the essential work is done already.

Of course, in this case–and in any case when you’re looking to invest in tech stock–you need to research from the point of view of an investor and not a user. As a user you will certainly have a unique perspective that you might not be afforded when buying shares in supermarkets or investment groups, but you still need to view things from an objective, financial standpoint. That’s where this page, and all the pages on this site, comes in.


Tech Stock: Investing in Technology

On this page we’ll look a some of the tech stock investments at your disposal, all of which have been covered on other pages on the Buy Shares In website. This is essentially an overview of a selection of pages within this site, all of which are technology based.

You can use the somewhat scant info on this page to make your decision, but we recommend that you click-through to the full pages before doing this. Only then can you read details on investing in specific tech stocks, while also making sure that sure an investment is even possible.

Buy Shares in Tech Stock

Some of the most popular tech companies are the ones with a strong foundation and a stronger history. In the later sections we’ll look at some promising companies that don’t fit this bill, companies that many fear will play a big role in the next dot-com bubble. But the companies blow should be a little more reliable and a little more stable. (Although it’s worth noting that nothing is guaranteed in the stock market, and tech stock is no exception to that rule).

All of the following links connect to full pages on the Buy Shares In website. If you click onto these pages you can learn more about them and their position on the stock market:

  • Buy Shares in Amazon: As discussed on our Amazon investment page, there are a few major problems with Amazon from an investor’s point of view. However, there are as many positives as there are negatives. And when it comes to investing in online retailers, you can’t get much bigger than the Mighty ‘Zon.
  • Buy Shares in Apple: This tech stock giant has had its ups and downs over the years. It was saved from obliteration by a surprise investor. And after being brought back from the dead, it grew into one of the richest companies in the world. All of this, and more, is discussed on this page.
  • Buy Shares in Google: Now synonymous with search engines, Google is so much more than that. It is the backbone of the internet, something that all sites are reliant on. Google also have a huge investment portfolio, which is a great incentive for anyone looking to invest in Google.
  • Buy Shares in CiscoThis company offers huge potential for tech stock investors. Despite this, it is often overlooked. But as discussed on the Buy Shares In Cisco page, you overlook it at your peril.
  • Buy Shares in Yahoo: No longer as big or as powerful as it once was, Yahoo has missed a lot of opportunities over the years. Its growth has been a fraction of what it could and should have been. And with hacks and controversy on top of that, many investors are left wondering if it’s worth it.
  • Buy Shares in Microsoft: Once the biggest tech stock in the world, many now doubt that Microsoft has a future. They don’t have the dominance they once had and they don’t have their figurehead and founder either. But Microsoft is still powerful and has a lot of potential.
  • Buy Shares in Nintendo: The makers of the Gameboy and Wii have some huge innovations under their belt. This could be a good decade for the Japanese brand.
  • Buy Shares in Sony: Perhaps best known as brand behind the Playstation, Sony also have a hand in film and music. This is a huge company that is well worth a consideration.

Buy Shares in 3D Printing / Virtual Reality

Invest Tech Stock

One of the things that draws many investors to the stock market is the prospect of buying into an idea or an innovation. We get a lot of questions regarding how to buy shares in 3D printing and how to buy shares in virtual reality. This just isn’t something you can do directly, as that’s now really how the stock market works.

If you want to invest in 3D printing or you want to invest in virtual reality, you need to put your money in the companies that make, sell or otherwise profit from these industries. For instance, one of the biggest VR headsets is made by Oculus, which is owned by Facebook. And as discussed on our Buy Shares In Facebook page, you can invest in this company and in everything they have invested in.

To learn more about investing in technology innovations like this, take a peek at the following pages. And if a certain innovation isn’t included and you would like to know more, feel free to get in touch.

  • Buy Shares in 3D Printing: Want to invest in 3D printing? Here’s your chance. There are many different companies working on this technology, most of which are discussed on this page.
  • Buy Shares in Virtual Reality: For those seeking to invest in virtual reality, this page has the answers you need.

Buy Shares in Social Media

As discussed above, Facebook is listed on the stock exchange and you can invest in it. If you’re looking to invest in tech stock, this is one of the biggest contenders. They are far from the only big contender out there in this industry though. So, if you want to invest in the future of social media networks, take a look at the following tech stocks:

Invest in Apps

No apps are listed on the stock market. Some of their parent companies are, however. And by investing in these app companies you can invest in all of the apps they produce. However, as is the case with Instagram, WhatsApp and other major apps, most of the time popular apps are owned by huge parent companies whose main financial focus is usually on a different industry (as is the case with Facebook).

To discover whether this is the case with some of your favorite apps, and to learn if you can invest in these apps, just follow the links below:

  • Buy Shares in FourSquare: The first and biggest “check-in” app.
  • Buy Shares in Farmville (Zynga): A huge online game with profits to match. The question is, can you invest and do you want to?
  • Buy Shares in Angry Birds: One of the biggest mobile games ever released.