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Buy Shares in Nintendo

Buy Shares in Nintendo

Why buy shares in Nintendo? On July 6th, 2016 the face of the gaming industry changed forever when Nintendo released Pokémon GO. For the first time players could not only play a game on the move, they had to play a game on the move. Pokémon Go is the first game to leave virtual rewards for players, and it leaves the rewards in unexpected places all over the globe.

How to Buy Shares in Nintendo


Because Nintendo is a Japanese company it trades on the Osaka and Tokyo exchanges under 7974:JP. This gives online traders that want to buy shares in Nintendo several options. With the popularity of online brokerages and interactive trading platforms, investors buying shares in Nintendo can now do so by opening an account with a reputable firm and directly trading on both exchanges.

A good broker will explain the related fees and conversion rates to you and generally help you navigate the process. Another option is the US OTC Market. The OTC Market is primarily composed of small companies that, for various reasons, do not meet the criteria for NASDAQ or the NYSE. Mostly due to the legal expenses involved in qualifying for the larger exchanges a few solid, international companies have chosen to trade here as well through American Depository Receipts or ADRs. BMW trades on the US OTC under BAMXF. You can buy shares in Nintendo here under the symbol NTDOY.

How Much to Buy Shares in Nintendo

How much does it cost to buy shares in Nintendo? Nintendo trades within the Information Technology sector in US markets and typically moves in the $20-$30 range. When deciding how much Nintendo to buy you should keep in mind that Nintendo has a fairly low volatility score, and without a major catalyst event you are not likely to see large swings in NTDOY.

Nintendo Share News

Nintendo games keep players curious and curious players are willing to shell out money. When a new game spikes in popularity you will notice NTDOY news gets a similar response from traders. You probably know that the gaming industry is one of the most competitive industries on the planet; you may also know that the games consumers love today have a good chance of being forgotten by this time next year.

This is the beauty and bane of the industry. It forces its primary players to churn out new entertainment at a break-neck speed and often new or niche companies cannot hold the market’s attention long enough to get a foothold with investors. This is where NTDOY history is able to play a beneficial role. Nintendo Koppai Kyoto was founded in 1889 by Fusajiro Yamauchi as a card game company. Similar to the 52-card American and European decks, the “Hanafuda” cards gained a popular following.

Hanafuda cards were hand-made and Fusajiro had a workforce that mass-produced them as demand for the game grew. With a family-centered marketing campaign, Nintendo became the first company to produce plastic cards under the leadership of his grandson, Hiroshi Yamauchi.

NTDOY Share History

Nintendo Share Price History

In the mid-1950’s Nintendo’s history took a turn, Hiroshi Yamauchi visited the US to tour some of the larger card companies. His records suggest that he was disappointed in the size of the offices and realized that the market potential for his grandfather’s company was not as vast as he had once believed. Fortune would have it that he also visited Disneyland while in the states, and the visit sparked an idea.

In 1959, in collaboration with Disney, Nintendo produced the first cards with Disney characters printed on them. The cards were an instant success selling more than 600,000 decks in the first year. Nintendo launched its IPO on Japan’s exchange in 1961. After the IPO Yamauchi made several unsuccessful attempts to expand the company into other lines of business. These ventures included a stab at instant rice and a short stay motel chain.

In the mid-1970’s Nintendo bought the rights to one of the first game consoles, The Odyssey, from Magnavox. In 1982 Nintendo launched its own game console, the Famicom, it sold a respectable 500,000 units. Unfortunately, many of these were later recalled due to faulty parts. In 1981 Nintendo had its first real triumph since the success of its Disney cards when they introduced Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong was an immediate hit with players and went on to be one of the most popular games of its decade.

On September 13, 1985, Nintendo released the first of its truly iconic franchises, Super Mario Bros.; it featured the return of fan-favorite “Mario” from Donkey Kong. New Mario adventure games are sold to this day. Super Mario Bros. was followed by the much-loved Prisoner of Zelda franchise.

How Much to Buy Shares in Nintendo

How much does it cost to buy shares in Nintendo? Nintendo trades within the Information Technology sector and generally stays within its regular support and resistance range. How much Nintendo to buy is another question that traders struggle with? When looking to buy shares in Nintendo keep your goals and expectations in perspective. Nintendo is a mid to low-priced stock that is not typically susceptible to large spikes. This is a stock that many investors choose to hold long term.

How Much is Nintendo Worth?

In order to determine how much Nintendo is worth many investors choose to look at the success history of its games and consoles. Annual revenue for Nintendo has been declining for more than a decade and until recently the company struggled to produce games that hit home with its target audience. In early 2016 Nintendo released the blockbusting game Pokémon Go. In July 2016 Nintendo made headlines again as it net worth outpaced main competitor, PlayStation maker Sony. Much of the price jump was due to the Pokémon Game franchise.

The Pokémon franchise itself is positioned to create equity for the company for decades to come, as long as Nintendo can maintain some novelty and keep players interested.

Current Nintendo Stock Price: Nintendo Stock Price Per Share

The Nintendo stock price per share is dictated by the computer gaming market. Currently NTDOY has around 120 million shares in circulation and around 920 million in float. It is a low volatility stock with a beta around .65 and typically isn’t subject to large, unpredictable swings.

What Does Nintendo Own?

Understanding what Nintendo owns as a company is another important step in finding its overall worth to stockholders. For those looking to buy shares in NTDOY, it is crucial to know where Nintendo’s income is generated. Nintendo owns some of the bestselling game consoles on the market including the Wii released in 2006 with total sales of around $101 million dollars and the Nintendo 64 with $32.9 million dollars. More recently Nintendo has introduced the Nintendo Switch.

The Switch, first available in March of 2017, hopes to capture a larger market share through its affordability and dynamic usability. The Switch has combined the traditional console capabilities with the portability of its Gameboy. Users can play games in their homes or from the road. Nintendo also owns some of the biggest names in gaming franchise history. These include, Super Mario Bros., Zelda, and Pokémon, one of the first mass-marketed interactive games.

Nintendo Stock Price History?

Current Nintendo Stock Price

Nintendo’s stock price history under NTDOY began in 1998 when its IPO debuted on the US OTC Market with a $10 price tag. Fortunately for Nintendo its stock price was relatively unaffected by the crash, in fact NTDOY had more than doubled from its $10 price tag within a few years. By 2003 falling revenue had carried NTDOY to under $9 per share. Nintendo struggled for a few years as consumer sentiment waned.

In 2006 Nintendo released the Wii and investors saw the rise in revenue as an opportunity to buy shares in NTDOY. NTDOY saw a major surge in price over the next twelve months that more than doubled its share price, ending the year at just over $30. In 2007 Nintendo saw continued momentum for NTDOY stock, finally topping out at around $65 dollars per share.

Declining sentiment began to appear for NTDOY in 2008, and this time when the market crashed Nintendo went with it. After the 2008 crash Nintendo stock continued to show weakness, trading for several years at just over its $10 IPO price. In 2015 Nintendo released the Wii U game console and Nintendo revenue drifted back into the positive. Investors responded by buying shares of NTDOY and their enthusiasm gave NTDOY its first price breakout above $20 in more than three years. Wii U momentum managed to hold NTDOY above $20 for almost a year.

Then in 2016, Nintendo released its revolutionary game Pokémon GO. Pokémon Go held the world’s attention for more than four months. After this, investors once again raced to buy shares in NTDOY.

Best Stock Price for Nintendo

The best stock price for buying Nintendo has usually been seen by investors just after the initial excitement of a new game or gaming device launch. Another good place to buy NTDOY is after all of the excitement is gone. A temporary dip will give investors a chance to take advantage of the next wave of momentum.