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Buy Shares in Sony

Buy Shares in Sony

What is drawing today’s investors to buy shares in Sony? You have probably heard the name Minecraft or Call of Duty when Sony is mentioned; you may have even grown up playing them. Throughout the last two decades, the electronic gaming industry has become one of the hottest industries on the planet and investors have taken notice of the phenomenon.

As with 3D Printing and Virtual Reality, this is a hot topic right now. And by buying shares in Sony you’ll be investing in a company with a direct influence. Like Samsung and Nintendo, they are one of the giants of the east. But you don’t need to be in China or Japan to invest in Sony.

How to Buy Shares in Sony

Invest Sony

Investors wondering how to buy shares in Sony will want to follow a few simple steps. Sony is listed on the US and Tokyo exchanges. Investors that choose to access NASDAQ to buy shares in Sony will use the symbol SNE, a trade most brokerage firms can handle in minutes. If investors want to buy shares in Sony and they use a currency other than the dollar they will also need to understand the practice of currency conversion fees. A decade ago investors overseas from the US were almost guaranteed to face an extra fee when they bought a NASDAQ asset; today select firms offer investors the opportunity to own an account that trades in dollars.

How Much to Buy Shares in Sony

When deciding how much Sony to buy investors should understand not only how to find Sony’s (SNE’s) current price per share, but SNE’s best price per share as well. Investors often determine this by looking at a stock’s moving average or MA. To find an MA for any stock it’s typical to break them down into 20, 50, and 200-day averages. Investors will often wait for a price that dips below one of these averages to enter the stock. When you decide that you want to buy shares in SNE, you’ll want to keep this in mind.

SNE Share News / SNE Share History

SNE Stock Price Now

Listed as a Fortune 500 company, Sony is a company that is closely tracked by investors and SNE news can be impactful enough to influence the entire Consumer Electronics Industry. When looking at market moving stocks like Sony, history can’t deny the power of good brand stability. Consumers trust Sony electronic products and this alone gives SNE a market demand that few other brands enjoy.

Founded on May 7, 1946, in Tokyo, Japan, Sony history shows that its early management knew the importance of consumer loyalty long before it was fully understood in mainstream business courses. Founder Masaru Ibuka began his career in a photochemical laboratory before serving in the Imperial Japanese Navy during WWII. After the war, Ibuka opened a small electronics shop inside of a Tokyo department store.

Amazingly Sony was seeded with just over $500 in start-up money (around $6500 today). Ibuka had eight employees including colleague Akio Morita, who later helped him to found Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation. The two made history when they built Japan’s first tape recorder. In 1958 Tokyo Telecommunications Company was changed to Sony. Ibuka stayed on as president until 1971 and served on Sony’s board of directors from 1971 until his retirement in 1976.

How Much is Sony Worth?

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Forbes has given Sony a market cap of 34.1 billion dollars, and recent yearly sales are nearing the $70 billion dollar mark. Of course, these are not the only factors to consider when investors are determining how much SNE is worth. Sony has earnings potential in a number of markets and when investors buy shares in SNE they are buying shares with the possibility of growth throughout all of Sony’s subsidiary businesses as well.

What Does Sony Own?

When making a determination on how much SNE is worth it’s important to take inventory of what Sony owns. As a multi-national company, Sony owns business platforms across numerous markets including, electronics, movies, music, and a financial division.

Sony owns an electronic component division that boasts a top 20 position in international semiconductor sales and its Sony Mobile phone product line has built a healthy following. Many investors were introduced to Sony in childhood through its PlayStation, a heavy hitter in the gaming console industry. Sony also owns Sony Pictures, formerly Columbia Motion Pictures. Founded on August 7, 1991, Sony Pictures is responsible for the production of top-grossing films like “Men in Black” in 1997 and “Skyfall” in 2012.

Sony owned, Sony Music Company is built on the foundation of America’s oldest music enterprise, American Record Corporation. In 1938, after its first acquisition it became Columbia Recording Corporation. Sony later bought the rights to the company in 1987 renaming it Sony Music Entertainment in 1991 and more recently Sony Music. Michael Jackson recorded under Sony’s label as well as Mariah Carey and George Michael. Investors that are interested in buying shares of Sony track the popularity of its performers as well as the label itself.

Sony Stock Price History?

Sony Stock Price History

Sony stock price history and SNE news are tracked with equal interest by investors who buy shares in SNE. SNE started trading on NASDAQ in 1961 and has recorded only two splits in that time. In 1995 SNE began to pay a quarterly dividend to stockholders, making it a commonly held asset in long-term portfolios.

However in 2008 the company ended this practice and investors are eager to hear any news regarding its reinstatement. When reviewing Sony stock price history investors are sometimes surprised to realize that SNE’s price per share can be disproportionately tied to the popularity of Sony Picture’s releases.

This is the kind of market sentiment phenomenon that thrifty investors like to capitalize on. It is important to mention, however, that entering any stock in an attempt to capture a momentum move is one of the riskiest moves that investors make, and it should not be attempted by novice traders.

Early Sony stock price history shows a steady rise in price and demand. Right up until the dot-com bubble burst in 2000. Many technology companies were crippled by this market crash, including Cisco, Amazon and eBay. Peaking at just over $150 per share in March of 2000, SNE had dropped by more than half a year later.

Best Stock Price for Sony

Sony stock price per share has been in a slow decline since the early 2000’s. Investors looking to find the best price for Sony are typically attempting to capitalize on short term peaks.