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Buy SpaceX Stock (Price, Options IPO Potential, Valuation)

SpaceX Stock

SpaceX is one of the most exciting companies on the planet right now, so it’s no surprise to learn that many are looking to buy SpaceX stock and to learn all about the SpaceX stock price, symbol, options and everything else associated with this company’s financials.

That’s what we’re here for, of course, so let’s put SpaceX stock in the spotlight and see what we can find out about this huge and ever-growing space exploration company.

SpaceX Stock

SpaceX is a private company, owned by a number of investors and by the people who created the company to begin with. This means that you can’t buy SpaceX stock right now. That might change in the near future if a SpaceX IPO is launched (this is essentially their introduction to the stock market) but at the time of writing and for the foreseeable future, it doesn’t look like it.

Right now if you search for “buy SpaceX stock” or anything related to the stock price then you’ll see ads promising that the IPO is about the launch and telling you that with a click and an explanation you can learn how to be the first to invest. Don’t pay them too much heed. It’s just not true and doesn’t quite work like that.

If a SpaceX IPO is launched then you can invest alongside everyone else. But contrary to what these ads and search results are promising, there are no signs that it will be launched anytime soon. And why would it be? You only need to look at the bare bones of this company to see that it’s unlikely they will make any big changes to the ownership anytime soon.

Speaking of which, let’s see why the promise of buying SpaceX stock has got so many investors excited.

SpaceX Stock Price

SpaceX Stock Price

Obviously, you can’t buy the stock so there is no official SpaceX stock price. But as we like to do here on Buy Shares In, we’re going to speculate as to what that price would be. It’s all based on market cap, which is not easy to predict, but which can be estimated based on their worth.

Private companies are not always open about their value because they don’t have to be. But with a company like Space X, which has undergone rounds of investment and has been in the public spotlight, we can get a fair estimate. According to reports in 2017, it was worth in excess of $21 billion. However, a few months earlier, you could find sources reporting that the value was $12 billion.

If we assume that it is towards the higher end and that they predict a popular IPO, which is likely, then it could mean a SpaceX market cap of around $30 billion. This sound like a lot, but it is actually around 1/20th of the valuation of Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), whose share price is around $150.

It is also around two to three times higher than Twitter (NYSE: TWTR), which has a market cap of around $12 billion and is $17 a share. Based on this, we can speculate that the SpaceX share price would be somewhere in the region of $50.

Of course, it’s not quite that easy and there are many variables at play, so we will just have to wait and see.

SpaceX Stock Price History

The value of SpaceX has increased over time. As we mentioned above, the valuation of $21 billion came not long after it was being valued at nearly half that. But even if you go back to the early days, this was always a billion dollar company.

In 2012, when SpaceX was founded, it had over $4 billion in contracts. This grew year on year, and as it did, so did the price that investors were prepared to pay. At any point in its history, a SpaceX IPO could have generated a significant stock price and one of the most exciting launches in recent history. But that didn’t happen and it might never happen.

Why Are People Eager to Buy SpaceX Stock?

Buy SpaceX Stock

SpaceX is owned by Elon Musk, who many have labeled as the biggest visionary of the modern age. Musk is an investor, engineer and business magnate and as well as SpaceX he is also credited with the creation of Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) and SolarCity, as well as PayPal. Simply put, he has been at the forefront of some of the most innovative and exciting developments in recent years.

People don’t want to buy SpaceX stock because they want to have a piece of a company that they see as the next in line. In fact, SpaceX has already made its fortune and is already listed as one of the most valuable private companies in the world. In 2017, it was said to be “the” most valuable, with a worth of more than $21 billion.

The reason they want to buy SpaceX stock is because they see this company as a game changer. They see this company as the future and they are certain that in a few years time its worth will have increased considerably and that in a generation or two SpaceX will be big enough to rival the likes of Apple and Google.

What Makes SpaceX Special?

The full name of this company is Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, which tells you all you need to know. The goal for Musk in creating SpaceX was to colonize Mars and to take a giant leap toward his ultimate goal of changing humanity for the better.

SpaceX plan to colonize mars by reducing the cost of space travel, essentially making it cheaper to transport people and goods through space and to lay the foundations of a new civilization on Mars. Technically, this is possible with the tech we have right now, but it’s far too expensive to ever even consider it. If SpaceX have their way then those costs will be brought down and this dream will be realized.

The Elon Must Trust has just over a 50% share in SpaceX, but they have voting control of more than 70%. There are other investors as well, including several major shareholders. If they decide to make SpaceX stock public then these shares will need to be broken up somehow in order for them to be made available to everyone else.

Companies often go public because they need to generate extra funds and they want to generate an income of sorts. This could happen to SpaceX stock, but because its investors are not short on money and the company will likely generate a significant profit, it’s not something they need.

In other words, we may never see a SpaceX IPO. Personally, here at BSI think that it will happen within the next the years whether it makes sense for it to do so or not. That’s what happens with all major companies eventually and it’s surely a route that SpaceX will take. But only time will tell.

Similar to SpaceX Stocks

SpaceX Stocks

There is no SpaceX stock ticker because they are not listed, as mentioned already. However, there are stocks for other companies that Musk has created and you can also invest in stocks that are similar to SpaceX stocks in terms of the impact that they could have on humanity.

One of the main ones is Google, or Alphabet. It’s much more than a search engine, self-driving cars and a potential private army. This is a company that could pave the way for a brighter, smarter future for humanity. It is a company that, along with visionaries like Musk, could make the world a better place and they are taking the steps to do that right now.