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Advertise With Us (Market Your Product/Service)

If you want to advertise your product, service or website on Buy Shares In, then keep reading to learn more about our rates, our site and what we can offer you.


Buy Shares In is currently one of the biggest share trading and financial websites online, and for an industry that contains the likes of Forbes and Bloomberg, that’s saying something. Within 3 months of launching the site we were drawing in over 20,000 unique visitors a month and we have continued to grow exponentially since then.

Everyone that visits Buy Shares In does so though Google and through keywords related to online trading, with an emphasis on stocks and shares. This is a very lucrative sector and our visitors are a very valuable asset, which is why we keep the ads to a minimum and focus only on companies that are 100% reputable, reliable and relevant. In the past we have worked with affiliates who we deemed to be big enough and reputable enough to earn our respect, only for them to lose that respect and for us to end our working relationship with them. This is why, going forward, we will only work with sponsors and not with affiliates.

If you think you have something that would appeal to all of these visitors and you think you can maintain a strong working relationship with us, then get in touch. You just need to use our Contact Page to send us a request regarding our advertising and one of our editors will be in touch within 24 hours.


Our price differs depending on what is being sold and where you want it to be advertised. We offer a number of solutions in this regard, including sponsorship of single articles and placements throughout the site. We typically receive a very high CPM using Adsense and other impression/click driven revenue schemes and anyone looking to replace these ads will need to offer a rate that is greater than this.

All of that can be discussed though, so just drop us a message and we’ll begin the process. First though, we should make one thing clear just to try and stem the flow of messages we receive on this matter:

We Are Not Interested in Affiliate Programs

It is true that we have affiliated with some companies in the past and it is true that some of these have been positive experiences. However, for the most part we do not like this industry. We do not agree with the way they operate and we do not like their affiliate programs. If we don’t like the affiliate side of things then we can’t recommend the product or service that they offer, which has been the case with several top share trading companies out there.

So, just to reiterate, we are not interested in joining any more affiliate programs, so please do not contact us about this. Your message will be ignored and deleted. If, however, you have a genuine sponsorship request then we will endeavor to reply as soon as we are able.