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Monitise Share Chat (Advice on Discussing LON: MONI Shares)

Monitise Share Chat

Looking for a place to discuss Monitise shares? This Monitise Share Chat page can help to point you in the right direction. We use countless share chat forums ourselves and we also spend a lot of time on these kinds of pages on Facebook and Twitter. But the goal here is not to give you a link or to show you our own forum.

Instead, we have some advice that could prove invaluable when looking for Monitise share chat message boards. We will tell you a few things that you should know concerning MONI share chat pages, including reasons why the most popular forums out there may not be as beneficial as you thought when these shares and shares like them are concerned.

Not All Is As It Seems

Many of the share chat pages we have created on this website all focus on some of the smaller shares out there. In fact many of them, LON: MONI included, are penny stocks. These are big companies and they have a fairly decent on the stock market, but they are a far cry from companies like GlaxoSmithKline and Associated British Foods, which are some of the biggest on the London Stock Exchange and the biggest in the world.

There is a reason for that and that’s because these are the pages with the more niche forums and message boards; the pages that are not very active and where it can take something very small to influence the board, as well as all owners and future buyers.

If you visit one of the main GSK Share Chat forums, for instance, then you are going to see a wealth of topics and potentially hundreds of posts. Single opinions don’t matter here because they are objected to, disputed and pushed down in a matter of minutes as more posts are added. On Monitise share chat forums it’s a different story. The biggest forums have just handful of members for this topic and it doesn’t take much for a single poster to have a big influence.

Why This Is Important

MONI Share Chat
Many of the investors or prospective investors searching for Monitise share chat forums are doing so because they are ready to commit to a buy or a sell, but need a little advice to turn them in a certain direction. So many times we have worked with traders who made a huge decision to buy or sell because they saw a single forum post that convinced them, or because several people on a forum seemed to be positive about the share.

You have to remember that the people on that forum are there typically for just two reasons. They are either shareholders who are desperately hoping for the success of the company; or they are involved with the company and are trying to spread the good word.

These are as biased as you can get. And nothing is more biased than a shareholder who wants a share to succeed. They ignore the bad signs and put too much emphasis on the good signs. They stick around, they seek other members who will agree with them and will facilitate their needs to cling onto those shares or even to buy more.

The people who sell up and have something bad to say, very rarely use the forums. In fact, in our experience, as soon as a trader gets rid of a particular share, they stop focusing on that forum. If they hold MON shares then they will be happy to remain on the Monitise Share Chat forums. But why would they when they sell those shares? They no longer care, so instead they start looking for other share chat forums, ones that cover the shares they actually own.

Monitise Share Chat Forums

Don’t get us wrong, we think that share chat forums have their uses. When you are there to discuss the general state of the market they are brilliant. You get both sides of the argument. You hear from people who are there to hedge their bets, people who are heavily invested in single shares, and people who own vast portfolios. What’s more, you also hear from members who have shares in many different stock exchanges.

These are all great, all worthwhile and all recommended by Buy Shares In. But when it comes to niche share chat forums, threads or boards such as those listed when you search for Monitise Share Chat Forums, then it’s a different ballgame. The advice is never impartial, the activity is minimal and often restricted to one or two members, and the board itself is nothing more than a water cooler for gossip.

If you want to justify holding onto a particular share even though everyone else is telling you not to, then by all means visit a Monitise share chat forum like those operated by the LSE website. They will make you feel better about your investment. After all, the people posting on those boards are in the same position as you and are just as desperatly reliant on that share’s success.

But if you want genuine advice, if you want to talk with prospective buyers, owners, and previous owners, then these boards are not the best fit, not by a long way.

Where to Look for MONI Share Chat

Instead of these forums you should focus your attentions on social media pages and on general boards. Create a post, discuss the credentials of the stock, the latest news, your thoughts and the advice you seek, and then post it for everyone to see. They will evaluate and they will offer their opinions. What’s more, because it is unlikely that they will have any investment in those shares, you will get advice that is completely impartial.

You can do something similar in Facebook groups and pages, but in this case you’re less likely to get a reply. Instead, look for Twitter posts and Facebook posts that have previously mentioned this share. Call out previous owners to ask why they sold up, and prospective buyers to ask what their doubts are. These are the people you should be talking to, because these are the people who can really help you to make your mind up about this share.