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Buzzfeed is one of the biggest media companies in the world right now. On the surface it looks like a simple site that focuses on trending topics and seems to make regular appearances on your friends’ timelines. But dig a little deeper and you have a business giant, one that draws in millions of advertising dollars every single month and one that has grown to rival the biggest sites on the internet.

This tag page is all about them. It’s not necessarily about Buzzfeed stock because that’s not available. But if there are ways to invest in this company and to profit from its success then you can learn about it on this page, which is a catch-all for every article we write about them. The same goes for any news that we think investor should be aware of, as well as articles that we have published on how much companies like Buzzfeed earn, how much they spend, and how they got to where they are in the first place.

How Much do Big Companies Spend on Marketing?

How Much do Big Companies Spend on Marketing

The modern world is dominated by big brands. Studies have shown that children as young as 2 can recognize a series of brand logos and most kids know dozen of logos and slogans before they even learn to read. This doesn’t happen by accident, it happens because these brands spend a …

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