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Think the future of solar power looks “bright”? Do you want to see if you can “energize” your portfolio with a few companies in the solar power industry? Then you may be doing a bit of research into buying SunEdison stocks (SUNE stocks) as an option. This company is a global renewable energy company that’s headquartered in Missouri and California in the United States. It’s seen a bit of instability lately. SUNE filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2016, but has since restructured itself and included plans to incorporate wind power into its portfolio of offerings. If you’re looking to buy shares in this company, check this tag page first. We’re all about making life convenient for investors. As we research and write about the solar power company, you’ll be directed to these articles here. It’s one of the penny stocks that are mentioned within our posts and pages, but bookmark this tag page and save yourself the search. If you want investment guides or information on how to invest in this or other companies, look at the reviews and company profiles in the links above. Be sure to check this section frequently, because as SunEdison makes the news, we’ll write about it and update this section.