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Buy Shares In: Your New Home for Share Trading

It’s official: Buy Shares In is live. After months of hard work from a team of writers, designers and coders, this share trading content site has finally launched. February 2017 will be a busy month for everyone here at BSI, but it’s one that marks the culmination of needless hours of work, so it’s one that will be equally exciting.

There is a lot to see, a lot to read and a lot to learn. Buy Shares In aims to be a new type of share trading site, one that will not bombard you with ads, one that will not give you biased tips and one that will not force premium, paid content down your throats. It is a labor of love, created by people with a passion for trading and a skill for writing. It is everything that a share trading website should be, but everything that you just don’t find in the financial sector.

We’ve already discussed just what we do and who we are. You can find this information in our About Us page, which is also linked to several other pages that detail our goals, provide information on how you can write for us and more. Still, as this is technically the first blog post to go live on the site (although it’s definitely not the first page) we feel like a little more explanation is needed.

What to Expect from Buy Shares In

Unlike CNN Money and other leading financial sites, the goal of Buy Shares In is not just to provide you with up-to-the-minute information about the stock market. That’s certainly something we do, but our focus is more on guides and tutorials, all of which are geared towards helping novice and first-time investors.

Think of us like MyMoney, only with more content, more of a focus on share trading and more of a global appeal. Our most popular articles are out Investment Guides, which you can browse by using the menus at the top of this page. These guides tell you all you need to know about buying and trading in stock like Apple and Facebook, while also answering questions you ask about buying shares in WhatsApp and Instagram.

Those questions are not answered elsewhere because few seem to realize they are being asked. But they are. And this site will answer them.

Getting Started

As mentioned above, you can use the menus provided to browse the Buy Shares In website. These cover a range of different categories, with countless articles covering each topic. There is also a main page that serves as a landing page of sorts for each of these sections. On that page you’ll find FAQs, introductions and more.

At Buy Shares In we also want to make sure you’re up to date with the latest news and stock prices. All topical news will be posted here in the BSI blog (using “tags” you can find new relating to your stock of choice) and our investment pages also include a stock ticker relating to the company in question. What’s more the sidebar to the right of the page shows the latest, real-time stock prices from the biggest stocks currently trading on the NASDAQ, the NYSE and the LSE.

Anyway, that’s enough trumpet blowing. We want to welcome you to Buy Shares In. Be sure to bookmark the homepage, Be sure to keep an eye on your favorite pages. And, if you want to support the site and make sure that we can continue to provide this service, then be sure to checkout our sponsors (in the sidebar on the right).

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