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10 Best Stocks Under 5 Dollars

In reality there is no such thing as a “cheap” stock. Certainly not in the retail sense. There are millions of people who make it their job to know what a particular stock is worth. That’s how they make their money. So, it’s rare that one could slip through their fingers. Saying that, there are certainly undervalued stocks out there, which could be considered “cheap”, and there are definitely socks that you can buy for very little. Although in this case, you’re usually paying less because you’re getting less.

We have been asked by many readers to compile a list of the “best stocks under 5 dollars” and have had this discussion with most of them. Still, those questions keep coming. So, instead of explaining the details; instead of telling you about market cap, and how even if you’re buying a $5 stock you still ned to spend at least a few dollars in order to negate commission, we’re just going to list the best stocks under 5 dollars.

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10 Best Stocks Under 5 Dollars

Before we get to our list of the best stocks under 5 dollars, it’s worth noting that these articles are usually time sensitive. This was completed in the middle of Feb 2017, and is relevant to that date. However, if it turns out that the prices listed are the same as when you’re checking them, then it may also be a good time to buy. Still, it’s always best to do additional research if the tips you are reading were written some time ago.

We have provided tickers for each stock to show you its current price.

10. Sirius XM Radio (NASDAQ: SIRI)

There have been some good times and bad times for SIRI Stock. The SIRI stock price has hit highs of above $60, and lows of just a few cents. It is volatile, to say the least, but the future could and perhaps should be bright for Sirius XM Radio shares.

[stock_ticker symbols=”SIRI” show=”” static=”” nolink=”” speed=”” class=””]

9. StarTek (NYSE: SRT)

A good stock for trekkies, StarTek is also great for investors and SRT stock has looked very promising of late. It could be set for a bumper 2017. This one is actually above $5 and isn’t really deserving of a list of the best stock under 5 dollars. However, we’re cheating because we’re sure you will thank us for it down the line.

[stock_ticker symbols=”SRT” show=”” static=”” nolink=”” speed=”” class=””]

8. Evgen Pharma (LSE: EVG)

EVG is a drug development company, which means they are always one step away from hitting the big time. In 2016, they performed well, but going into 2017 they took a turn in the opposite direction. The EVG share price is suffering a bit at the time of writing, but it seems to be turning around and there is a lot of positive news coming out of the company that should bode well for its future.

[stock_ticker symbols=”EVG” show=”” static=”” nolink=”” speed=”” class=””]

7. Frontera Resources Corporation (LSE: FRR)

Frontera shares have been trading very low for some time now. They hit a peak in 2017, but even then, they are still toward the bottom end. However, while this appears to be a volatile stock on the surface, it has actually been fairly consistent. What’s more, Frontera Resources Corporation have been in existence since 1996 and have shown that they are here to stay. As a result, your investment in FRR should be safe.

[stock_ticker symbols=”FRR” show=”” static=”” nolink=”” speed=”” class=””]

6. Ocwen Financial Corp (NYSE: OCN)

OCN stock experienced a big jump over a short period towards the end of 2016. This attracted the attentions of many readers and it helped to ensure a steady increase in OCN stock price thereafter. 2017 may not see any more short-term leaps, but it should see a steady increase throughout, which bodes well for Ocwen stockholders.

[stock_ticker symbols=”OCN” show=”” static=”” nolink=”” speed=”” class=””]

5. Strategic Minerals (LSE: SML)

This is one of the cheapest stocks on this list, but it could also be one of the most expensive in a few short years. It had a very strong start to 2017, nearly doubling in price from its best 2016 total. Contracts are strong, times are good, and the future is very bright for anyone holding shares in SML.

[stock_ticker symbols=”SML” show=”” static=”” nolink=”” speed=”” class=””]

4. The Container Store (NYSE: TCS)

This specialty retailer is set for a big year in 2017. It has a strong 2016 and growth should continue well into this year and beyond. TCS stock has been tipped by many experts and shares in The Container Store could be set to be the next big thing in retail. At the very least they should secure a tasty profit on their current low price.

[stock_ticker symbols=”TCS” show=”” static=”” nolink=”” speed=”” class=””]

3. Office Depot (NASDAQ: ODP)

This stock was all but destroyed in October of 2016. A discussion had been on the table for a merger with Staples, but that fell through and it suffered as a result. Going into 2017 it was steady at just under $5, and it has remained that way since. ODP stock will likely hit a few more roadblocks and it will probably go down before it goes up, but we’re confident that it can do well towards the end of 2017 and beyond.

[stock_ticker symbols=”ODP” show=”” static=”” nolink=”” speed=”” class=””]

2. Ceragon Networks (NASDAQ: CRNT)

This NASDAQ listed company is around $3.50 per share at the time of writing. It makes it onto our list of the best stocks under 5 dollars because of its consistent growth and its high performance in the market. They make parts for cellular and wireless operators and are performing above and beyond expectations. At the time of writing, they have just secured a big contract and many experts are predicting that Ceragon Networks, which goes under the ticker “CRNT”, will be huge within 12 short months.

[stock_ticker symbols=”CRNT” show=”” static=”” nolink=”” speed=”” class=””]

1. Harmonic, Inc (NASDAQ: HLIT)

This is a video and audio systems provider, and one that has many big-name contracts. The best years for HLIT stock was between 1998 and 2000, when it increased 2,000%. After the bubble burst it suffered and then ebbed and flowed, moving from above $10 to below $5. It is at one of its lowest prices right now, but the future seems bright for HLIT stock.

[stock_ticker symbols=”HLIT” show=”” static=”” nolink=”” speed=”” class=””]

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